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Environmental Monitoring Management Application Product Tour

EMMA ProTM is designed to manage field measurements and images in an organized manner, allowing for easy access to site specific data.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to learn EMMA ProTM is to install sample data and start playing with it. EMMA ProTM provides unique mechanism of installing sample data directly on your computer. Just few steps and the 60 day trial version is installed.


Free Environmental Monitoring software

Install the 60 Day Free Trial Version

Environmental Monitoring management application map

Importing a map or image into the environmental monitoring software is easy.  Locate the image or map which you wish to insert into EMMA (Satellite image, Air Photo, Google Earth Image etc).  In the top menu area, click on the `Import Map` button.   A new window will open, locate the map or image to be used, choose the file name and click on `Open`.  The requested map or image will be now located in the view area.

EMMA Lite Software EMMA Environmental Software

After the Map or Image has been imported into the monitoring software, creating layers for the database next has to be added.  On the left side of the screen, move the mouse over the `View Options`tab.  The tab will automatically open revealing the View Options area.  On the top right of the view options area, click the `pin`to keep the tab open (when requiring the full view of the image, click on the `pin`again).

More about Adding Layers

emma environmental software management


EMMA ProTM provides is designed on Layers. Each layer variation covers not only the main background image, but also other aspects such as site points, photos, roads etc.  To add a layer, right click in the view options area and choose Add Layer.

More about Adding Layers

Free environmental monitoring software

EMMA ProTM allows users to add store and query photos associated with each location.  When photos are entered into EMMA ProTM, users are able to included Detailed Notes on Time Stamped photos.  By time stamping photo's EMMA ProTM allows users to query photos that are of specific required time periods.

More about Working with Photos

EMMA lite environmental Monitoring Software query data

EMMA ProTM allows users to query specific dates and times as well as specific sampling locations associated.  EMMA ProTM also allows for queries of numerous parameters to be graphed and exported for reports.

More about Querying Data

Veryify Data with environmental monitoring software

One of the important aspects of EMMA ProTM is the verification of data.  When data is imported into EMMA ProTM, data is verified to ensure that the correct parameters (Sampling Locations) are installed correctly.  EMMA ProTM is also designed to ensure that correct numeric vales are entered prior to importing into EMMA ProTM.

More about Importing and Verifying Data

Defining latitude and longitude with monitoring software

Site Referencing points in EMMA ProTM is very easy and straight forward.  EMMA ProTM is designed to allows users to input Latitude and Longitude into the EMMA interface through its own Layer allowing for Latitude and Longitude to be associated with the map or image.


More about defining Latitude and Longitude

Free Environmental Monitoring software

EMMA ProTM allows users to modify all aspects of the geographic interface to allow for a visual pleasing look and fell. With EMMA ProTM, all sample locations, reference lines and reference areas can be assigned different colors, different icons and different fonts.


EMMA ProTM is equipped with very comprehensive documentation package that will help you with utilization.

  • Quick Start Video

    This video gives you a quick-start describing how to configure a site project to make it look exactly like the one on the demo server.
  • Configuration Manual

    This PDF document gives you detailed description of every EMMA ProTM feature. You can print and use this document as a reference every time you want to configure your site project.
  • Customization Manual

    This PDF document gives you easy-to-understand instruction how to customize EMMA ProTM elements to make sure it suites you or your client.

When purchasing our products you are backed up with professional and timely support providing via:

  • Phone Support

    Please contact us 905.487.7359 for over the phone support.
  • E-mail Support

    Dedicated Ticket Support is for site managers who have purchased EMMA ProTM.  Our E-mail support is the quickest and easiest way to help users get started with EMMA ProTMThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download documentation

Environmental Monitoring River Systems Software

The EMMA ProTM software is designed for researchers to consolidate & assess information collected and integrate it under a geographic interface and database framework for immediate analysis and observation.


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EMMA ProTM can be yours for the affordable licensing price of $34.99 per year or $200.00 for a license.  If you wish to purchase the program or to have a Free 60 Day Trail, please visit the Download EMMA ProTM section of our website.

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EMMA Pro is designed to run on a Windows based operating system (including Windows 8) and requires 236 MB of free hard drive space for a full package installation.


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